Tips & Tricks

 Finding the best restaurants in charlotte

The site currently list thousands of specials in and around Charlotte, which can be a bit intimidating. To make sure that you find what you need with ease, I've came up with a few PRO-TIPS that can have you in finding the best deals in 15 seconds or less - literally!

  1. Special Search - My favorite and most used search field is the "special" field. Trying to grab some wings on Wing Wednesday? No problem. Just enter wings in the field and search and Wednesday as the day. Looking for the best Taco deals for Taco Tuesday? We've got you covered. Just type tacos in the search and you now have your spot! When we get a little thirsty, sometimes we even sneak and search for margaritas. Shhh!

  2. Special Search additional use - In addition to using the special field to search specific food or drink items, you can also use it to search for specials that meet your budget! I love to type in "1/2" to see all specials that are half off. "Bottomless" and "Unlimited" are also great search items, along with "$2" (or how much ever you have in your pocket).

  3. Name Search - If you know the names of a few places that you'd prefer to visit, use the name search to see if they have specials! This will narrow down your results specifically to the place you are looking for.

  4. Area Search - In a pinch for time? Make sure you use the area field to only show results close to you. For instance, if you want to find the best uptown Charlotte restaurants, we’ve got you covered. Just select Uptown in the area search field.

  5. Day Search - Friends coming in town for the weekend? Want a quick drink today after work? Use the day field to only show a specific day's specials!

  6. See all specials - Got time and want to see all of the specials? You can leave all of the fields set to their default and just select the search button.

  7. Sorting Results - If you've searched and have received quite a few results, use the sorting option on the results page to organize the data to your liking.

  8. Contact Us - If you come across a special while out and about, let us know or tag us on instagram!

  9. Enjoy! - Last and most importantly, get out there and have fun! That is what the site is all about. Have a great time and while doing it, you won't have to sell a kidney just to pay the bill.

As always, if you have and questions or just want to let us know how much you enjoy the site, don't hesitate to contact us! Enjoy!

Now get to searching!!