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Hello all! Amber here checking in from ForksNFlights. As soon as I got the email that we'd be having an event a the BRAND NEW Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, I immediately knew I'd be going! They had just opened a few days prior, and the madness of people trying to get to Jeni's wrapped around for blocks! Our event(perks of being Yelp Elite) was closed to the public, so we got the whole place to ourselves without having to deal with the craziness!

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On the way there, the rain that started to sprinkle on my windshield almost deterred me from partaking in this sweet experience (literally lol), but I’m so glad I kept driving. I was greeted with lighting that resulted in a vibrant atmosphere that instantly lifted my spirit, despite whatever Mother Nature had going on. I immediately got in line and perused the menu. There was literally a flavor for everyone, including non-dairy items. After staring at both the menu(which so graciously included calorie counts) and looking in the coolers until I was cross-eyed, Beth must’ve noticed how overwhelmed I was and offered me samples. It helped because she was incredibly knowledgeable on the various flavors. She gave me her favorites and was able to tell me the ingredients in each flavor and which elements of taste it would fall in. The staff literally knew every ingredient in every ice cream that they had it seemed. They definitely get a special shout out! The samples were served with metal spoons that I’m convinced enhanced the flavor even more.

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After trying about 10 different flavors, I finally made my decision. I got the Frosè, which was the perfect marriage of tart and sweet, wild berry lavender, which was really light and refreshing, and lastly, dark chocolate truffle to bring it all together. My three scoops were accompanied with a waffle crisp, made in house, that I’m convinced had little sprinkles of heaven mixed in the batter. The flavor combined with the right amount of crunch sent my tastebuds into overdrive.

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This was the best ice cream experience I’ve had since I’ve been in Charlotte. The staff, the decor, and ESPECIALLY the ice cream were all amazing! The location fits in well and I have a feeling it'll be quite popular amongst Charlotte ice cream lovers. All in all, Jeni’s far exceeded my expectations and I now have a new ice cream spot! It’s a win for everyone.

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Happy eating and remember, life is too short to eat bad food! :)

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