Brewers at 4001 Yancey Pt 2: Not just a name - a new neighborhood staple


There are breweries that make beer and there are breweries that make memories. Brewers at 4001 Yancey is an end to end memorable experience that chooses to use beer and food as a foundation for a good time. Typically, you’ll find beer at the forefront of most breweries boasting their lineup and achievements, which isn’t a bad thing. However, it’s refreshing to visit one where you choose your adventure whether it be beer, food, or their liquor. (yes, you can find Southern Tier’s house liquor here)

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When you step into Brewers at 4001 Yancey, you are immediately submersed by the wonderful smells from brewing and the size of the place, which is huge. There are lounge sections, tables for dining, 2 bars, and several large outside patio areas which are going to be amazing during the warm weather. They also have fire pits outside for cooler times. There is also have some private rooms for events - who wouldn’t want to have their office party at a brewery! If you read the Brewers at 4001 Yancey Pt. 1 blog last week, you saw some of the delicious food that you can get here. Now its time to dig a bit deeper into the beer scene here as this week we had Barry | ThePourMan sit down with CA, the general manager over at Brewers.


First things first, everyone wants to know about the name. Why Brewers at 4001 Yancey? Well the answer is actually quite simple when you understand the vision that CA and the Brewers management has. Many people felt that the name was a bit odd, but despite starting with 2 breweries the plan was always to add more. When you think of having several different breweries all under one roof the name starts to make more sense. The lineup at Brewers at Yancey 4001 spans out ensuring to hit all the bottle shop classics from all partners while including new beers brewed in house. What is to really enjoy here is the wide variety available among beer styles. While IPAs seem to still be all the craze, you can certainly enjoy a 9.5% wild ale here or even a creme brûlée stout. Out of the new beers I had Lakeshore Fog, a well, “foggy”, juicy New England Style IPA as well as 3 Citrus Peel Out a 8.5% wheat ale brewed with blood orange, tangerine and grapefruit really stood out.


If you’re unfamiliar with their beers, there is truly something for everyone here. Victory’s Golden Monkey was my first Belgian style beer and the first I recommend to those looking to expand their palate. It’s something about a bold beer that doesn’t drink like one. Golden Monkey isn’t so much a booze bomb rather a complex, spice forward beer that’s a pleasure to pair with. It complimented the Habenero Shrimp perfectly. Southern Tier’s Pumpking is my only exception to pumpkin beers. It’s just that good! What sells me here is it’s more pumpkin pie than pumpkin. You get vanilla on the nose and a bit of nutmeg.


Although there’s much diversity within the beer selection here, something that remains the same at Brewers is the quality. Both breweries within the partnership have different brewing styles and techniques true to their origin. I wouldn’t personally call this a merger as Southern Tier and Victory(and the newly added Sixpoint Brewery) have done a tremendous job complementing one another while retaining individuality.

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