Amelie’s Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches: A Review

It happened.

I finally experienced Amelie’s newest dessert….their macaron ice cream sandwich. I’ve wanted to try this dessert mashup since moving to Charlotte last year, but Ninety’s Sandwiches & Ice Cream is a hike from south-side. So when Amelie’s announced that their new ice cream sandwiches were launching on June 1st. I knew that I had to try it!

So, it finally happened. I grabbed a friend and trekked to the Carmel Commons Amelie’s. Although I’m a self-professed sugar addict, I garnered the willpower to only try one flavor. I know I can’t believe it either. I gingerly walked to counter and stared at the case of pastries trying to make a decision & secretly hoping to be struck with inspiration.

Floral or Sweet?

Citrus or Chocolate?

Lavender Lemon or Salted Caramel Brownie?

Y’all, I really wanted to try both, but I didn’t. I had a long recording session beforehand and desperately needed a caffeine pick me up. Which sandwich would pair perfectly with my vanilla iced coffee? Salted Caramel Brownie, obviously..

Yep, making critical decisions based off of your beverage choice is totally a thing. My friend and I grabbed a table and then …. the moment of truth.

I gently pulled the ice cream sandwich out of it’s paper pouch. THIS THING WAS HUGE. It was a monstrosity.  I’ve seen pictures of ninety’s macaron sandwiches and they are thin cookies with a huge chunk of ice cream in the middle. Amelie’s is the total opposite. The cookies are thick, the ice cream is thick, the whole sandwich is thick. THICK. THICK. THICK.


So I know you’re probably thinking to yourself. GET TO THE POINT! What does it taste like though?! (insert Atlanta accent here)

Okay guys, the first bite was hard. I struggled to penetrate (ew) the hard outer shell of the cookie. And it was … chewy. Yep, the cookies are thick (which is apparently my new favorite word) and dense and chewy. The flavor of the cookie was vanilla-esque and the ice cream had streaks of salted caramel and brownie chunks.

Did I love it? No. Would I buy it again? Yes, it was good. Even though the macarons are HUGE, they have a smooth crunchy outer shell and big feet.  


Next time, I’m going to try the Lavender Lemon & I’ll pair it with the lavender honey soda.  Because pairing your dessert with your beverage is a thing… until next time <3


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