SLUTTY VEGAN! Worth the hype?!


With a name like Slutty Vegan, it’s bound to draw a ton of attention from not only vegans, but food lovers around the city. This Atlanta based food truck and restaurant has become known for ridiculous plant-based burgers, (and ridiculous lines and wait times due to crowds) so the number one question I got after their truck made a visit to Charlotte was “is it worth it?!” Here “it” is referring to the insane 2-5 hour wait times that people have grown accustomed to for these burgers in Atlanta and getting one is definitely an adventure!



So what is the big deal? The word from the masses is that vegan burgers and po boys are supposedly absolutely mind blowing, so when they announced that they would be bringing the truck to Charlotte for a pop-up people went crazy. The line for the pop up was wrapped around the block and tickets were completely gone before they even started cooking a single burger! Yes, there were over 1000 people in line before the first burger even touched the grill! Luckily, I got there early enough and got my hands on what turn out to be one of those golden Slutty Vegan burger tickets. I hopped in line and the wait started….and continued…. and continued.  

First I’ll get into the wait. After nearly 3-4 hours of watching tons of disappointed people turned away for there being no more tickets and people literally passing out in the line and being taken off in ambulances, There were some very smart people out there selling water to those in the massive lines outside which was a great hustle! I knew it would be crazy, but i dint think it would be that crazy up there.

I finally was able to put my order in and grab my burger! It was pretty chaotic but #foodielife so we waited! They were only offering 3 options for the pop up which included their Sloppy Toppy, Fussy Hussy, and Heaux Boy options. The latter being their version of a shrimp po boy and the Sloppy Toppy & Fussy Hussy using the very popular impossible burger. I grabbed a Sloppy Toppy which features Impossible Burger patty loaded with jalapeños, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and our slutty sauce on a vegan Hawaiian bun.


 I’ll get right too it. I’m a meat lover and that first bite was indeed really good! I really couldn’t even tell that I wasn’t eating meat and the whole burger and toppings were all vegan! The sauce on the burger really complimented it well and I was definitely glad the burger was slathered in it! I think the sauce is really what separated it from other versions of vegan burgers that I’ve had before! I also loved the touch of Hawaiian roll buns. It was definitely delicious. My foodie brethren who went with the Heaux Boy raved about it as well!

I definitely enjoyed the burger itself. In fact, it’s probably the best vegan burger that I’ve ever had! But would I do it all over again? The answer to that is I’m glad I did it once, but I wouldn’t find myself waiting that long for food on a regular basis! So I’d say go and check it out. If it wasn’t for the lines, it would definitely be a place to frequent often! With the crazy success of the pop up, Slutty Vegan did throw a few hints that a restaurant may be coming to Charlotte, so maybe the more people will get to experience the craze soon! Sometimes it’s just the price to pay to get “sluttified” as their motto goes!