Hickory Tavern Summer Preview

We recently had the pleasure of checking out the new summer menu and Hickory Tavern and it was definitely a treat. Typically you'll find a great amount of people here catching the latest game and rooting for their favorite team, but today with the sports season slowing down we just wanted some good eats! We were definitely impressed with the new food items so we just had to share!




Seared Ahi Tuna

The Seared Ahi Tuna was a little taste of heaven. I did not have the highest of expectations for this dish as it's not the easiest to pull off properly, but they well exceeded anything I had hoped for. The sear was great and the tuna tasted fresh. The Sriracha Aioli was a great compliment to the the tuna as well. I would order this dish upon returning.


Low Country Shrimp Boil

I was not expecting to see a low country boil on the menu, but it was a nice change of pace. The flavors were ok here, but I was not blown away with this one.


Fried Calamari

I enjoyed the Salt and Pepper Fried Calamari here. I am a Calamari fan, so I love to try it everywhere I visit. The batter was seasoned well and the Calamari was fried in small bite sized pieces which I like. I enjoyed the small touch of adding the Sweety Drop Peppers along with the Thai Chili Sauce that went great with the Calamari.


Steak & Brie Flatbread

This for me was the star of the show! I could have devoured the whole flatbread and been perfectly fine. The steak was cooked really well, and the caramelized onions complemented it perfectly. The Balsamic Glaze added a really nice boost of flavor as well, and was not overwhelming. I did not get many notes of Brie, but to be honest I really did not miss it much. They also offer a Cajun Chicken Alfredo Flatbread which was tasty as well. I would go back to order this dish.


Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad

This was my least favorite dish of the day. It's not at the fault of Hickory Tavern, but I am not a Brussel Sprout fan and this salad did not convert me. There were a few people at the table who enjoy Brussel Sprouts and couldn't get enough of this salad. More power to them!


Florida Grouper Fingers

Hickory also has Fried Florida Grouper Fingers. These are served with House-made Chili Lime Crema & Lemon. I did not try this dish so I do not have a personal opinion about this one, but the table enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy foodies!

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