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Daily Special charlotte

Have you ever walked past a restaurant and noticed a phenomenal deal on their daily special sign out front, but had already had dinner? What about ordering drinks at a bar with no idea that there is a cocktail special going on? Even worse, has your favorite restaurant had a special that you didn't see until it was too late? Daily Special Charlotte is here to help!

The Daily Special focuses on finding great food, drink, and activity specials around Charlotte at your favorite restaurants/bars, and displays them all in one location. Now you'll have a centralized location to view the many awesome specials around the city on any given day, making the decision on where to eat or drink much easier. We'll be continuously searching for great deals around the city and continuously adding new specials. If you have come across a great specials while you are out, contact us and we'll get it added to the site a.s.a.p. We are dependent on our wonderful community to keep us updated on all of the latest deals and specials around Charlotte! Our goal is bring people together throughout the city, all the while getting the best bang for your hard earned buck. Enjoy the city!